a girl who posts on social media about her life problems to her 1000 followers that don’t give a sh-t.
d-mn. this girl keeps spamming my page with her problems. what an instab-tch.
an instant b-tch. calm, cool, cute, and collected at first, but say one wrong word and it’s insta-b-tch!
-geez glyde, stop being such an insta-b-tch.
-you. shut up. and get out of my house!
where a woman for some ungodly reason or caused by birth countrol, or pms just starts b-tching.
i walked into the libray with a barrel of monkeys and she just insta-b-tched all over the place.
a bi-polar person when they get angry. they go from instacalm to instab-tch
look at that bi-polar guy over there hes such an instab-tch
the more you talk to a women that b-tchier that get.
b-tches (insta b-tch)

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