1. a person who gets real nasty real quick in the kickin it sense. “dat instafreak tried to stick his c-ck in muh face the first time i went to his crib”.
2. when a normally laid back person, for some reason, usually because some extra tasty weed is inhaled or some ballin b-ss is droppin, starts dance f-cking everything in sight. “that school teacher is usually demure, but the h-ll’s tahoe & 2live crew combo got her clappin dat booty like a instafreak”.
3. a way of descrbing an action that is exceptionally freaky that will take place shortly. “hey:) becky, im finda go instafreak on dat yella in the corner till he poppin. then, take him grocery chomping for lady gravy in da back of this club”.
4. the opposite of a gurl who will make u wait at least a fortnight before letting u penetrate her.
“all these boys wanna instafreak
no one’s out there looking for a boss like me
too hood to be good
too good to be too hood”.
5. a n-gg- who rubs his p-n-s on u when u obviously not interested, while ur jus trying to get a drink in a club (and look for a guy you want to rub his p-n-s on you). “hey, yo penelope, we gon hafta shift in this b-tch, i gotta stage 5 instafreak tryna rub one out on my leg like a puppyboy”.
i often find myself confounded, and yet strangely pleased and wet, when being presented with opposing phenomena in a rapid succession; things were all chill, then freaky, so i went instafreak, as well.

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