sending and receiving of p-rn pics and videos on instagram
‘i kinda guessed what larraine’s post was all about’ ‘what?’ ‘instap-rnography’

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  • jacob hanes

    when you are pulling a jacob hanes you are being sleezy and calling girls out and asking personal questions on their s-x lives jen: that guy totally just pulled a jacob hanes on you sara: i know he asked about my virginity

  • summer stoner

    when a person, typically a college student, or a twenty something, who smokes marijuana mainly during the summer break and much less/none during the fall and winter semesters. dealer: “i’ll be on campus for all of fall semester, so hmu if you need any.” buyer: “it’s all good; i’m a summer stoner.”

  • cory callahan

    a gentle giant, but an ogre for those who oppose him. a cory callahan is widely feared throughout the world, but once you get to know him he’s a pretty nice guy. i used to run away from cory callahan when i saw him, but when i met him he took me out to a […]

  • performing farts

    when 2 or more individuals compete/try to outdo one another with audible farts, but with stinking results. both ted and martha, after many rigorous attempts, have yet to determine a champion of the performing farts.

  • speent

    a cute dog aw, come here you little speent.

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