someone who consistently and often quite thirstily posts self-photographs on instagram.
mary-katherine posted three photos of herself on instagram today; therefore, mary-katherine is an instawh-r-.
generally females in the age group of 12-17 who partic-p-te in the social medium which is familiar to hipsters and food fanatics: instagram. instawh-r-s compete against each other to take the most revealing photos of themselves. these photos are usually followed-up by numerous amounts of hashtags (such as ‘#swag’ and ‘#yolo’).
jess: hey krystal, let’s have a compet-tion to see who can take the most amount of pictures of ourselves with barely any clothes on before our accounts get reported.

krystal: oh my gosh! that would be so awesome! we’re gonna be such instawh-r-s. yolo!
she didn’t want him but when she realizes he has a lot of instagram followers, she wants to be an instawh-r-.
example: katelyn is such an instawh-r-, i told her i had 50,000 followers and then she wanted to date me.

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