being insufferable and obnoxious at the same time.
he’s an insuffernoxious person!

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    mayin is a name your weird friend caden and aubrey give you if your name is madison mayin get over here!!

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    sh-tty school based in birmingham, small heath. overrun by asians who think they’re bad they’re not girl: ewh, that’s small heath school? boy:*laughs* yeah, god i can’t believe i actually went there girl: it’s such a sh-tty school boy: i know right

  • h*m*egoistical

    a narcissist person who loves himself to the point that he’d even f-ck himself if he could. “yo, are you g-y?” -nah n-gg-, i’m h-m-egoistical. or “n-gg- i’m so f-cking good, seriously, i’m marrying myself right f-cking now” -h-m-egoistical motherf-cker xd

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