Inter racial facial

money shot involving an inter racial couple
bill gave tenisha an inter racial facial
an interracial facial is when two different races mostly black men f-ck-ng white women are doing it hardcore and then when its time the man pulls out and busts a nut in the b-tch-s face. then usually the trick slobs on his c-ck and just makes a mess.
i was f-ck-ng some white girl in the -ss then i had a s-xual eruption on her face it felt great. now thats what i call an interracial facial
most commonly when an african-american male gives a caucasian female a facial. (the race is reversable between genders and/or can be replaced with asian, latino, native american, pacific islander, etc.)
mary had never had s-x with an african amercian man before, and boy did she love facials. so she asked him to give her one after they were done he said “b-tch thats an interracial facial”

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