internal paste

it flows from within. only at the right time will it emerge through the cracks of ones -ss and splat on the toilet’s surface. as it pours out of that dirty -ss, it will fold on top of itself looking sort of like a wavy umbrella. by the time the scent reaches your nostrils, it’s too late. the paste is filling up past the fill line and begins to brush your cheeks. you can hear the paste popping as it pushes its way through your cheeks that are pressed against the toilet bowl. it seeps down the sides of the toilet with some solid chunks that plop onto the floor faster than the runny parts. you begin to pray as you pull up your underwear over your -ss as it continues to empty. you use the underwear as sort of a basket to carry your paste from one toilet to the next. this continues until you can feel your intestines sliding through the rim of your -sshole. you reach down and begin to pull on it. you pull it out like italian sausage links while the paste flies off it and splats against the wall. you begin to scream very loud and vomit all of the floor. once your intestine is half way out of your protruding -sshole, you faint and fall face first into your own vomit. you lie there unconscious with a large grin on your face ready to take on the day ahead of you. you wake up an hour later and stuff your small intestine back inside your -ss. you head to your room and grab your backpack. but sh-t… you missed the bus.
i had some internal paste this morning, but my house only has one toilet! i had to run over to my neighbors house but by then my internal paste was all over both of our yards! what an amazing morning. glad to be alive. suicidal thoughts are behind me.

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