from inter (internet) + naut (from greek:sailor); someone who spends time exploring the 4 corners of the internet; also: webnaut
“he’s such and internaut,man; spends so much time surfing the web he’s got no time to party!!!
the final frontier is a horrifying place. it is a place where the human psyche is laid bare. it is a place where humans exercise all the monstrous little pieces of their wretched, twisted souls that they dare not reveal in public. it is an evil place where the blackened hearts of men beat with an unholy fervor, pumping the viscous black ichor of madness and depravity through the snaking veins of the global network. a place where there are usually no consequences for revealing one’s true self, and where one may at last see their fellow h-m- sapiens for what they truly are — base, feral animals.

we are the few, the proud, the brave ones that venture forth into this darkness and dare to explore the cold, pitiless reality of humanity. we are the internauts, welcome aboard the netship.
guy #1 look at this nasty website
guy #2 no dude i can’t handle it
guy #3 i will i am a internauts!!
a hardened adventurer of the internet
“by his mid-20s, your average internaut has guts of steel, a t-tanium-lined stomach, and a heart of made of cast iron.

we are the next generation.

good luck.”
anyone who is online.
there are too many internauts these days!

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