internet crusader

the type of person who spends much of their time on social media or messages just waiting for the next new cause to fight for. be it videos of corruption, censorship, shameless trademark requests, or ethics in games journalism. once they find something that goes against their simple moral code they fight back. thus begins a vigorous and dedicated action or movement in favour of said cause. though only on the internet.

once chosen they will defend or fight for this cause even if they have no practical interest in the subject at all. for you see, what drives an internet crusader is not so much the subject but their own ideals and morals. while driven by good intentions initially the end result is far more ugly. this is in part thanks to the to the greater internet f-ckwad theory and the popularity of these stories gaining the attention of even more internet crusaders or people jumping on the bandwagon.

similar to armchair activist armchair general armchair idealist
tayne: you hear about how they censored the swimsuits in the us version of call of brody? they made beatrix’s bikini into a one piece swimsuit in the hot springs scene!

robin: does it matter that much?
tayne: we should not let censorship exist in any form. we’re lighting up their forums right now so bad!
robin: stop being such a internet crusader tayne. is it really that important?
tayne: yes. and don’t tell me what to you because you don’t even exist.

and then there was nothing.
a person on the internet who goes around preaching what they think is right or wrong and acting upon it.
internet crusader: “bronies are horrible people they must all be killed!”

internet crusader: “we must stop the asian invasion of hentai!!”

regular person: “let people like what they like”

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