internet expert

a form of armchair expert who gains all their knowledge from the internet and then enlightens others on social media. the accuracy of their source information may be suspect, their -n-lysis and conclusions are likely flawed, but they will shout down anyone who dares to challenge their expertise in the field.
in an online discussion of tractors on a newspaper website i posted that a problem with modern tractors was that a fault with the electronics could stop them dead and require a technician with a laptop to fix. an internet expert informed me that it was always possible for a modern tractor to “limp home” however bad the failure “in his experience”.

i pointed out that i was a farmer and that for example on a m-ssey 5465 with dyna 4 the gear selection is electronic, the rear hydraulics are electronic and a fault in either could strand a tractor in the middle of a field (no power or stuck anch-r-d to the ground by a harrow or plough). the internet expert went very quiet!

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