Internet Fan

a person who has very little understanding of a sport, and thinks that he can make up this lack of understanding with a great knowledge of irrelevant, unnecessary statistics. instead of actually watching “his team’s” games, or ever attempting to play the sport, this person spends a great deal of time on the internet looking up ridiculous statistics. so while this person has the ability to recall a great deal of stats, he is still for the most part ignorant and not a real fan, just an internet fan. when real fans are actually discussing the sport, an internet fan usually b-tts in with some irrelevant statistics thinking he will sound smart, but really sounds like a jack-ss, and a straight up noob. similar to a sport sn-b, but with less understanding of the game and even more of a tool.
dude 1 : chris paul is looking like a stud this year

dude 2: yeah he runs that pick and roll so sweet. i see his shot has come a long way as well. he could very well be the best point guard in the league

internet fan: no way. he is a career 35% three point shooter and his 2.6 turnovers per game stat is troubling.

dude 1/2: dude you’re just a f-ck-n internet fan

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