Internet G

someone who talks sh-t on the internet (usually mysp-ce, facebook, or twitter.) but, won’t say the stuff to your face because they would get their -ss kicked.
from nappy boy remix:

t-pain “you gunna hate on me on twitter right you an internet g like gigabyte”

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  • internetless

    having no way of connecting or accessing the internet, so being left ‘internetless’. i was on the train to coventry yesterday and the carriages didn’t have wi-fi internet so i was totally internetless!

  • intersneviation

    the time in between having to sneeze, and actaully sneezing. usually characterized by holding one’s head up and looking up towards the sky/ ceiling and unintentionally making a funny face, due to the upcoming sneeze. nick was not able to answer the question in time because he was going through intersneviation.

  • intervale

    one of the worst streets in boston, when people from there are asked where they come from they frequently say, “da hood my n-gg-.” if asked about how intervale is, you will be told “n-gg-s will end yo lyfe.” famous due to the famed intervale gang who repped adidas but were mostly bopped in 96. […]

  • invisible punchbuggy

    a reason to hit somebody when you fart. when you p-ss gas say “invisible punchbuggy” and punch someone as you would in a normal punchbuggy. -fart- haha invisible punchbuggy! -punch- ow!!

  • invisin*gg*r

    a n-gg- dressed in camoflauge who n-body can see. soon to be the military’s newest military weapon. jamaal- yo did you just see that n-gg- get shot?!?! jamal- yeah n-gg- you see who did it? jamaal- nah n-gg- it must have been the invisin-gg-r

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