Internet relationships

a relationship consisting of two people on the internet who have never met in real life. not to be confused with long distance relationship
judgmental loser: wow you’re in an internet relationship? you must not be capable of getting a real girlfriend!
boy in internet relationship: i love jenny and we plan to meet up and make it a long distance relationship soon. i simply choose jenny over all the other sl-ts in my city.
internet relationships occur when two people use the internet as the primary form to initiate an maintain a relationship, for example this website. the key form of communication are descriptions of your perceptions of what the other person may be like. however, the question is does this const-tute as an effective way to build a relationship especially when there are so many factors which cause confusion? relationships require effective communication. initially internet communication eg. emails are great for starting to get to know someone. but open forums like this make it extremely difficult to get to know what the other person is like (especially since you are making judgments on what you think the other person may be like – but is not always necessarily the truth). relationships require mutual understanding, honesty, commitment and working together as a team.
are internet relationships effective when compared with traditional modes of maintaining a relationship? especially in relation to open/anonymous internet chat sites like this

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