internet werewolf

an internet werewolf is generally a very nice well tempered person who can rage in such a fashion over any medium that it resembles the transformation of a man into a werewolf.
earlier that day:
regular guy: agh.. i love you guys, this is great. our mine craft statue of abe lincoln will be the best thing ever!
regular guys friend: yeah man i agree! this is so fun!! i can’t wait till we’re done man.
regular guy: ok man! i gotta go have lunch, i’ll be back soon though so don’t go anywhere!
friend: ok! sure thing friend!


werewolf: you mother f-cking wh-r- why the f-ck did you do that to my f-cking minecraft statue aghhh f-ck im going to f-cking kill you!!!111!!!11!!!!

lost friend: sheesh man.. why you gotta be such a werewolf!! dude calm down it’s only a game

werewolf: prepare to dieeee motherf-ckerrr!!

former friend: sheesh man calm down.. or i’ll have to go get my supply of wolfsbane..

werewolf: i know where you livvvve!!!!11!!!!!!1!!

soon to be dead friend: dude.. i never thought you would be such a douche.. we were such great friends.. why you gotta go and be so internet werewolf on me and roar all up in my face :'(

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