Internet Zombie

a person who is in need of sleep who is mindlessly surfing the internet. usually an insomniac who gave up tossing and turning in bed and who turned on the computer to have something to do.
i have got to see my doctor about stronger sleeping pills. i was up all night doing the internet zombie thing. gosh, i think i bought four or five things last night but i won’t even know what they are until they arrive in the mail.
what you become when you get attached to the computer. by attached, i mean your lips have been chapped the whole 5 hours you’ve been surfing the web (feels like 45 minutes) and there’s been chapstick right next to you, yet you never pick it up and use the d-mn thing. you also loose the ability to look at the clock right at the bottom of your screen.
i turned into an internet zombie after getting stuck in a youtube loop. by the time i regained conscienceness, i was fired from my job, my girlfriend left me, and i had developed diabetes. i swear i was only on for an hour. what? it’s july?

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