internets slang

a vernacular or speech characterized by several conventions, such as the deliberate misspelling of common words, gratuitous pluralization and the elevation of a concept called “the lulz” (or spoken in internets slang, “teh lulz”) to the level of godhood.

example of b-st-rdization or deliberate misspelling of common words:
instead of “the”, “teh”.

instead of “more”, “moar”.
instead of “is”, “iz”
this “iz” just a small sampling, and other words not normally b-st-rdized or misspelled may be b-st-rdized and misspelled, as long as “teh” resulting word “iz” lulzy. (funny)

example of “gratuitous pluralization”:
instead of “woman”, “womens” ex: i saw that pretty white womens walking down “teh” street.
these words elevated to the highest form of pluralization also apply to the normally pluralized
ex: where da white womens at ex: white womens, black womens, theys all be womens

“internets slang” iz also characterized by “wut” (what in internets slang) teh unwashed uninitiated would call “incorrect tense”

ex: i will has teh cheeseburger n fries.

many incorrectly mistake “internets slang” for teh ebonics. internets slang iz infinitely cooler and moar lulzy than teh ebonics, amirite….???????

(internets slang is also characterized by gratuitous pluralization, az in teh above sentence.)
it’s not teh ebonics, it’s that internets slang. you’d better get up on it.

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