a type of punctuation which in all technicality cannot be used in proper writing but who the f-ck cares. refers to both a question mark -hence the interro part- and an exclamation point (bang). usually used by dumb young people when they cannot decide if they want to use an exclamation or a question mark. also used as a t-tle for a very amazing fan fiction on asianfanfics.
i recently learnt the uses of an interrobang.
what the f-ck is an interrobang?!
hey, you’re using it too. great job
a cool little punctuation mark that represents an interrogative sentence that is also exclamatory. it is often missing in many fonts so it isn’t used often. an alternative to the interrobang is “?!” or “!?”.
you can write “‽” and it will come out as an interrobang!

hey, what the h-ll is that supposed to mean(interrobang)
the scarcely used symbol of an exclamation mark overlapping a question mark- should be used instead of the quite common “?!” or “!?” at the end of sentences. also unicode u+203d.
examples of use:
are you an alien(interrobang)
am i adopted(interrobang)
did you rob me(interrobang)

-see image-
a symbol which is a combination of a question mark (?) and an exclamation point (!), used to end sentences which are both exclamations and questions.
the red sox came back and beat the yankees(interrobang)
1. (n) the non-standard punctuation mark used to replace a “?!” at the end of a sentence. it looks like a question mark superimposed on an exclamation point.

2. (v) that thing you and your english professor did last semester when you wanted to get your grade up to an a+.
1. what?!

2. yeah, me and the prof. totally interrobanged.
half question mark, half exclamation point.
what’s an interrobang‽‽
in the midst of an intense interrogation, whence the interrogator and the interrogatee are caught in the deep, p-ssionate thralls of interrogation, the two parties give in to the s-xual tension and engage in hot, steamy coital relations.
private detective jack: “where were you on the night of tonight?!”

jenna the serial rapist killer: “getting that nice night stick of yours.” -winks in slightly suggestive, albeit rapetastic way-

-jack’s zipper, as if caught in some elucidated trance, slides down and his member falls out. interrobang ensues.-
an archaic punctuation mark used to express inquisitive surprise.

a “what the f-ck” mark.
this yogurt is how oldinterrobang

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