just a better way of saying the word internet
i just love the interzors 🙂 said a man.

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  • in the shop

    to be “in the shop” means that one is recovering from a particularly brutal hangover. usually seen lying on the bed, couch, floor, etc. covered head to toe with a blanket. similar to putting your car in the shop for a tuneup, but your body (especially your liver) is getting the tuneup. todd: hey kevin, […]

  • in the sh*te

    new golf term – meaning in the trees or in the very bad rough. developed by two female denver, colorado golfers who spent the better part of one entire 18 holes “in the sh-te.” its up, its gone…..ahhhhh…its “in the sh-te!”

  • in the refrigerator

    to say that something is in the refrigerator means that it’s a sure thing. made famous by legendary los angeles lakers basketball play-by-play announcer chick hearn. announcer #1 > can we put this one in the refrigerator? chick > this game is in the refrigerator!

  • interzorg

    the internet; that is, a global system of interconnected computer networks that interchange data by packet switching using the standardized internet protocol (ip) suite. on instant messengers: “sorry about that, the interzorg screwed up”. in real life: “hey bro, i found the coolest thing on the interzorg the other day”.

  • possesses

    has…on your person or elsewhere. 1. my brother, leroy, possesses a lot of debt. 2. i can’t get caught in possession, because my brother, leroy, possesses the stolen goods, yo.

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