some guy on the internet.
inu-oni said that your b-tt in humoungous, and ugly.

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  • orpah

    1. mispelling of oprah 2. what oprah was actually named, but was changed by accident by some one on her birth certificate(true). orpah was a character that oprah was named after. common mispr-nunciation of “oprah.” also see ofrah, ofrey, oprer and okrah. “d-mn that orpah gots lots of money!” – a wonderfully beautiful and kind […]

  • pocket d*ck

    texas hold ’em term for holding a small pocket pair. chris will always go all in when he has pocket d-ck. a small pocket pair in hold em poker. fives or smaller. jeff will always call someones all-in bet if he has pocket d-ck.

  • pocket dog

    the act of cutting holes in your pockets so that you can m-st-rb-t- in your pants. person 1: are you pocket doging?!?!? person 2: no!! person 1: show me your hands! a small breed dog. chihuahua, pomerinian, shih-tzu, yorkie, etc. my pocket dog will bite off your ankle, dude.

  • pocket taco

    a pocket taco is a small change purse with a zipper. the outside resembles a hard-sh-ll taco with lettuce and tomato. here is a quarter. you might want to keep it in your pocket taco so it doesn’t fall through the hole in your pants.

  • podbombing

    just like photobomb, but with podcasts. (verb)- to drop in a podcast unexpectedly. so today that random guy was totally podbombing the podcast! it was crazy, but lots of fun.

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