the proper term for eskimos, a people who live in arctic canada, alaska usa and greenland. closely related to the aleut. also inukt-tut, the language of the inuit, which has a very complex agglutinative grammar that can express entire sentences in a single long word.

(inuit is plural, inuk is singular.)
an example of greenlandic inuit:

ataqqin-ssusermik inuup nammineq pigisaanik aammalu anooqatigiinnut ilaasortaasut tamarmik naligiimmik annaas-ssaanngitsumillu pisinnaat-taaffeqarnissaannik akuersissuteqarneq nunarsuarmi kiffaanngissuseqarnermut, naapertuilluarnermut eqqissinissamullu tunngaviummata…

“whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world…””

(from the un universal declaration of human rights.)
a tribe that resides in northern canada, alaska, and greenland. they live off hunting and use every part of the animals they hunt. more commonly known as eskimo.
it is really not the proper term for eskimo since eskimo is a more collective term that includes the yupik, who take great offence in being called inuit. the word has fallen out of use in much of canada from a false etymology. it does not come from a cree word that means “eaters of raw meat.” the cree themselves ate raw meat. the first origins of this word are french and appear before contact with the ojibwa, who do call the eskimos “eaters of raw meat.”
good people who have my respect any day. any of my fellow caucasians who trash talk the inuits can go to h-ll. inuits usually work in factories and live in houses today and they don’t live in those p-ssy huts anymore and they have clothes.
f-ck all the ignorant -ssh-l-s from the uk, america and anywhere else who hate inuits. i love my native american ancestors and i hope they do the same.
derived from the term “eskimo brothers” which refers to two men who have had intercourse with the same woman. only in this case, it occured in the event of a threesome.
john and james tag teamed tina, making them inuits.
a native american tribe in which lives in northern canada, alaska, russia, and greenland. they usually wear caribou, seal, and other animal skin to protect themselves from the harsh, cold climate. they use animal bones to keep their hoods up. they can sometimes live in igloos and it can actually be warm inside. they also have new ways of living. for example, they live in houses, and often have jobs working in oil fields, and other farming work type. they are previously known as eskimo and the canadian government gave them their own territory in the far north. they have been there for thousands of years after coming from what is now siberia a long time ago. they have been apologized to by the fellow people of canada for mistreating them and they now are welcomed members of the canadian society.
i am part inuit because my father has some inuit blood in him from the viking time.
short for “into it.” as if you are into something.
carl: “so, what’d you think of the dark knight?”

kevin: “inuit!”
(n) a common colloquialism for “cool” or “chill”.
“hey man. did you see what hailey wrote on jeremy’s wall? it was so inuit i almost cried.”

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