inverse coon

1. a black person who recognizes and identifies with blackness, claims to be “woke” as evidenced by the support of black-owned businesses and banks yet supports and defends all actions by the likes of trump.

2. a black person who unapologetically spends free time publicly disparaging black people, with a specific focus on leaders with a proven history of positive work within the black community under the guise of creating a dialogue intended for problem-solving. unlike a traditional c–n, the inverse c–n claims to love black people but fails to recognize the hurtful impact of his words and ways.

3. a lost soul.

synonym: inamik – /in-ah-mick/
kimani raised eyebrows as he entered one united bank to make a deposit while wearing his make america great again t-shirt. as he walked out, the teller shook her head mumbling “inverse c–n”.

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