inverted nipples

a somewhat rare condition in males and females in which the nipples have soft/puffy aureolae and an in-turned nip. they can, however, be extroverted temporarily when aroused.

it is rumored that inverted nipples are more sensitive than normal nipples.
(o) normal nipples. (o)

(-) inverted nipples. (-)
nipples facing in-ward
my nipples after kinky s-x with multiple guys
used to describe what happens when it’s too cold outside.
from looking at it… when your nipples get sucked back into your chest.
when someone be so fat that the tips of the nipples go in instead of out

what dan has
dan has inverted nipples on his t-tties
when someone is oogerly fat and your nip tip lip hip zip crack head grandma is p-ssing………………………………………………………………
omg you are an inverted nipple!

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