inverted pancake flip

the inverted pancake flip is considered to be one of the most graceful and acrobatic s-xual acts to be conceived and performed in rural post-modern canadian cultures. it involves a male laying with his back on the floor, with his legs situated on an adjacent bed as if seated in a chair. a woman or partner rides him in the cowgirl position. the male then repositions his feet to the edge of the bed for maximum leverage, grabs his partner by the hips, and in an incredible display of athleticism, pushes off with his feet to perform a backflip to be completed into the missionary position. this feat is typically performed during the -n-l and unlubricated variation of cowgirl starting position to enhance grip.
since rachel lost the baby, she didn’t technically deserve breakfast in bed on mother’s day. so steve decided to just give her an inverted pancake flip instead.

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