being more than invincible; a level beyond invincible
i pulled an all nighter, i’m invinsable..

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  • invisible woman

    while in the process of f-ll-t–, a man closes his eyes, once he reopens them there is no one giving him f-ll-t–. john: man, that girl just left in the middle of giving me head luciann: haha, she pulled an invisible woman on your -ss

  • inyo

    1. a wannabe spanglish master 2. a nice-looking typesetter who owns everyone in the styling part ;d i did an awesome inyo today! (i did an awesome nice-looking typeset today!) i’m learning inyo in the school (i’m learning spanglish in the school)

  • iont

    slang for “i don’t” girl: “is your new cd good?” guy: “iont know, i haven’t listened to it yet.” i ont is short for i don’t care. so you can yell it out loud when you dont care about somthin and the people around won’t understand.. mrs. k is teaching a long long lesson and […]

  • iphonian slip

    when iphone’s keyboard makes funny sounding mistakes in email or on twitter. i didn’t intent to say “thong” – that was just an iphonian slip

  • iph*cked up

    what happens when you try to jailbreak your iphone and it crashes “h-llo. apple support. how may i help you?” “yeah, iph-cked up”

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