“satan!” upside-down.
a: invlvs
b: wtf?
a: u n00b haha lol

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  • in whack

    in good working condition. the opposite of “out of whack”. kj: “hey man my car is all out of whack.” gp: “don’t worry i can get it in whack.”

  • ionaism

    something only an iona would say you are so moronical… moronical? wtf? it’s an with it!!

  • irtbtt

    i refuse to believe thats true friend1: omg friend2: what friend1: i just saw a pic on your bfs mysp-ce of him w/ another girl friend2: … friend2: irtbtt

  • ishrn

    i’m so high right now, used to describe one’s state after the consumption of too much weed. robert: dude come on we’re gonna go to the movies. jack: i can’t. robert: fine dude, what do you want to do? jack: nothing. robert: you know what don’t be such a f-g, we’re going to the movie. […]

  • island

    a bowel movement so large that it breaks the surface of the toilet water, creating an island in the bowl. after all those pbr’s last night, i left a huge island in the toilet this morning. a area of land 100% surrounded by water i live on an island. if a cup is separated from […]

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