Involuntary Wii-cabulary Syndrome (IWS)

characterized by compulsive use of the word ‘wii’ to prefix any word in any language. common in serious wii addicts who live almost exclusively in their own ‘wii-ality’. in extreme cases, victims may become totally lost in their wii-ality forever, losing jobs and relationships, and becomming strange creatures of darkness with huge muscular right arms.
a: ‘you don’t spend any time with me anymore.’

b: ‘hang on i’m almost finished this pga tour event.’

a: ‘i’m leaving.’

b: ‘oh come on, wii-lese dont go…i can change, wii-lieve me, i can put this thing down anytime i wii-ant.’

a: ‘you clearly have involuntary wii-cabulary syndrome (iws) and need help, good luck.’

b: ‘fine, if wii can’t wii-ork it out, then wii can’t and thats just fine with wii.’

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