an indicator of interest. jargon used by a pua. when he is talking to a girl, she will ioi him with subtle things, a trained eye can pick these up easily.

after three iois it is possible to go in for the kiss
examples of iois:
1. if she starts playing with her hair
2. if she laughs at things that are not funny (being giggly)
3. if she asks you her name
4. you squeaze her hand, she squeazes back.
a common short form for “indicators of interest”, which is a phrase commonly found on forums for dating advice. mostly describing the behaviour of women when noticing guys (at a club/bar)

– at a club, guys go after the girls who show ioi’s.
when scouting a party for chicks, go after the ones who show iois
i’m over it
yvette: hey did you hear about lisa going postal over a comment i left on fb?
gloria: ioi…she’s bat sh-t crazy and will never change…
an acronym for the words “i’m over it”. not to be confused with the term “lol”. they may look alike, but soon enough everyone will be using ioi more.
that b-tch just made out with my ex! oh whatever, ioi. he was a bad kisser anyway.
variation of ‘lol’. true hackers use the word: ioi instead of lol. capital i’s look like l’s
uh i like but s-x ioi@u

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