ip meaning (in person). it’s just short for writing “in person”.
anna: “i want to get to know you ip”
josh: “yeah me too, when should we meet?”
1. internet protocol, or internet protocal address(ip address), commonly used for various means of communication.
2. in progress. often used in old rts games, such as warcraft ii.
gg, 2nd barracks ip!
intellectual property-are legal property rights over creations of the mind, both artistic and commercial, and the corresponding fields of law

something that doesn’t exist on the internet apparently because rampant bootlegging
him:i just downloaded the new coldplay alb-m
her: what about the groups ip
him:f-ck it thats what
in person. sick of people using the term irl (in real life) when meeting someone. all my life is real including what i do online.
it was great meeting you ip.
common marine corps terminology:

1) also commonly reffered to as an “irish pennant”, it describes the little strands of fabric that come off of one’s uniform.

it is said that i.p.’s tend to grow, thus the need for constant tr-mm-ng and removal of the same i.p. a common way to remove them is by burning them off with a bic or zippo lighter.
sgt smith: “hey there devil! i dont know why you have all these d-mn i.p.’s on your uniform!”
an acronym for inverted p-n-s syndrome where the p-n-s is retracted within groin like a turtle with its head in its sh-ll.
oh sh-t, that midget so small, he got i.p.s!
initial poster

possibly started as a typo for op — original poster. used on forums.
ip umad?
a gang that peoople think is real, called indian pride. but its not. indians dont gang bang. i.p. is actually when a group of indians get together and touch,slap,or suck eachothers d-cks or v-g-n-s. i.p. was formed for h-rny indians.
“ay whats gewd, they call mr.jesus, i rep dat i.p. deuce deuce n-gg-s.”

“wow evan, i.p. isnt real.”

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