noun: one who was addicted to the ipad before it ever came out and now won’t shut up about them or hear a bad word spoken about how transformative they are. usually uses the phrase “i hold the internet in my hands” excessively.
don’t even go near him with that laptop, he’s an ipaddict.
one who uses the apple ipad at least twice a day and downloads apps, both free and paid ones like there’s no tomorrow. these people will often complain when people leave smudges on the ipad screen and will also complain when they’re away from the device.
man 1: dude, can i play plants vs. zombies on your ipad?

man 2: no way! you’ll smudge your greasy fingers on the screen!

man 1: g-d, you’re such an ipaddict.
a person who touches their ipad first thing after they wake up and last thing before they go to sleep. what denotes an ipaddict is their unwillingness to share their geeky electronic device with friends or family. this possesive behavior can be due to a fear that the device will be harmed or simple separation anxiety.
friend: “wow, that thing looks cool – can i play with it for a little while?”

ipaddict: “no, its mine and i don’t want anyone else touching it.”

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