distinctive features that make the iphone unique from any other cell phone on the market today.
apple’s iphonemes place the iphone in a cl-ss by itself.

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  • ipeek

    to glance at the screen of someone else’s ipod to see what they are listening to. i ipeeked that guy with the funny shaped head and he was listening to jimmy buffet

  • ipeeing

    using an iphone (or another smart phone) while peeing at a urinal at the bar. one of my favorite forms of mult-tasking is ipeeing.

  • azedigle

    the newly discovered best scrabble word known to man and closely related primate. also doubles as an expletive with which to har-ss those close to you. honey, i just want you to know that you are by far the s-xiest azedigle i have ever set eyes upon. dude, i used azedigle the other day playing […]

  • rattleclackin

    the noise that your cars alternator makes before you find yourself sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck in the rain. mechanic, “i can test your alternator” me, “no need, it’s been rattleclackin for about 10,000 miles.”

  • ratuck

    you feel on top of the world, everything is going well for you, your feeling positive, then you walk outside and people seem to put you in your place. and you seem to lose your dreams and goals. society puts you back in your place. ratuck is the feeling you get when your put back […]

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