there aren’t any definitions for ipreye yet.

can you define it?

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  • watering my monkey

    an excuse to tell your friend when you aren’t really busy, but don’t actually want to spend time with them either. “hey elizabeth, can you hang out tonight” “no, sorry, i’m watering my monkey tonight”

  • thumbular area

    the area around your thumb. i pressed my thumbular area against the fingerprint scanner.

  • nyee

    new years eve eve. nyee is a gathering of the boys the night before new years eve which usually leads to an early night on actual new year’s eve which p-sses off the wives. originated in topeka kansas at the spot tavern by five really cool dudes. two of which have permanently p-ssed off their […]

  • illorde

    a f-cking winner at any thing, and timmy and izea are g-y… kenji illorde, izea and timmy are g-y.

  • snarkccënt

    a tool used to indicate sarcastic intent when communicating via text. to use the snarkccënt, place an acute accent (´), grave accent (`), circ-mflex (ˆ), diaeresis (¨), macron (¯), breve (˘), or caron (ˇ) over the final vowel of the final word in the sarcastic statement. “remember that time i said i think you’re cool? […]

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