Irish Jackhammer

when a man (or woman) inserts their fist into a woman’s v-g-n- or -n-s (also could be a male’s -n-s) and proceeds to violently shake them, while still inside, potentially causing extreme v-g-n-l or -n-l trauma and/or downs’ syndrome.
samantha: did you hear about jeni? i heard alex gave her a gnarly irish jackhammer!

ryan: no sh-t! what a f-ck-ng wh-r-!
ir·ish jack·ham·mer ahy-rish jak-ham-er (verb)
the act of a man with a small p-n-s pounding away mercilessly at a woman’s v-g-n- in attempt to get deeper.
(noun) small p-n-s of any nationality.
i was having s-x with this big girl. i had to give her the irish jackhammer for her to even feel it!

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