she is beautiful, amazing, wonderful girl to be friends with. she is a gorgeous mexican girl, that has a very loving soul. she can be a little fussy about things but she get over them quickly. she lovesssss cheetos. if you’d ask her what’d she’d want to die together with she would say cheetos.
mateo “yo! this new chick at my school is hot”
rafaeal “oh, thats iritze! i’ll introduce you to her”
she is the best girl you could ever meet. she’s a gorgeous mexican, that has a loving soul. she can be fussy sometimes, but only the right people can get her mad into her good mood. iritze is aggressive when it comes to family and friends. she’s the best person to be around during heart breaks. we all love iritze.
mateo “dude, this girl named iritze at my school is so kind and i kind of dig her.”
angel “yo she’s the best, i saw her and she gave me a hug. she’s so hot”

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