always happy person ,always has a beautiful smile love to have fun love music and singing romantic and really nice.
irleny is an amazing person anybody could know

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  • r00d

    rude -.- how r00d the word ‘rude’ for retared people who can not spell it properly. some random person: did you just call me r-t-rded? me: yes. some random person: r00d. -____-

  • computer c*m

    c-m or other white liquid on a electronic device. that was either sprayed or manually put on there. hey jordy. jordy: dafuq you want. sam: it’s computer c-m jordy: what’s that? sam: read the definition

  • packing a cod

    a term for when a g-y man and a lesbian woman are getting day drunk and then get a bit too h-rny, then have s-x “just this once”. my goodness! i just caught kevin and priscilla packing a cod!!!

  • nutback

    when a flashback causes you to nut “yo i watched spongekn-b sqaurenuts the other day, and now anytime i was spongebob i nutback”

  • *ss show off

    means; a group of women, laying down on the beach with their -ss showing. hey kyle, an -ss show off has started, let’s go check to see which one has a better -ss.

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