Iron Manning

the act of cutting a can in half, and then shoving the sharp end onto the center of another’s chest and twisting it around, cutting a hole in their chest, also while screaming,” iron man, iron man!”
i heard that karshin had to go to the hospital after getting held down and being given iron manning for five minutes.
v. -j-c-l-t-ng on a woman’s chest after s-x, turning all the lights off and shining a uv light on her chest, which will cause the -j-c-l-t- to glow, much like the arc reactor in implanted in tony stark’s chest in the popular marvel comic iron man.
guy 1: milly was wondering why i put a uv light above the bed yesterday. tonight she’s in for a surprise.

guy 2: haha, dude you should totally send me pics of you iron manning her!

guy1: no. that’s just weird chad, get a girlfriend already you huge creep.

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