irony squared

irony as an external attribute; beyond the qualities of an implicit component. irony as a subjectively-applied attribute of an object which already contains internal ironic components. irony that falls outside of the bounds of postmodernism. postmodernists call it post-irony and ascribe it primarily to post-postmodernism; although much of post-irony arcs farther, into hypermodernism. includes ironic nihilism, ideal ironicism (aesthetic), and ironic ident-ty (racial; collective conciousness). popular in the alt-right messaging approach

a number of late 90’s postmodern academics considered second-degree existential irony to be a boundary of postmodernism rather than external to postmodernism itself; however this -n-lysis did not take into account the unique attributes of nihilism as compared to existentialism as a whole
ironic nihilism is an example of irony squared because nihilism itself already contains implicit irony.

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