a large c-ck or an overconfident male.
wow, he’s such an irtiza! he thinks he’s the best at everything..

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    born to be a clerk/recorder & registrar of voters. someone who reads government codes and has an addiction to local politics. a person who is extremely hot but makes excel spreadsheets for fun. kammi is so hot lets vote for her for clerk/recorder & registrar of voters. cheap hooker who doesnt know how to drink. […]

  • mouthboy

    a derogatory term likening one to a servile catamite, used by other, typically older men, as a mouth to be used on demand for s-xual gratification. that intern is always hovering around his boss like a total mouthboy.

  • memetistic

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    a transvest-te prost-tute’s genitalia bro , that ain’t no woman, i can see his hod-nkee from here

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