isaac lum

a ugly -ss piece of sh-t that begs for d-ck
look its isaac lum hes f-cking r-t-rded

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  • f*ck a n*gg* cos sin

    when you gotta f-ck a n-gg- mathematically. “yo he says he’s better than you at algebra.” “yo i’m finna f-ck a n-gg- cos sin.”

  • turkey booty

    booty so good you gotta ‘gobble’ it up. afterwards you have to take a nice long nap. dude, check out that d-mnie doing squats over there. she got that turkey booty poppin’ so hard i’m gonna have to give her a side of my cranberry sauce.

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  • dereik

    a very kindhearted boy who could steal a girls heart in seconds and has a stunning body i wish i could date a dereik.

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    a word used by someone in the bakery section of a shop to someone they are annoyed with. becka: hey linsey i like this nut cake even though i’m allergic to nuts do you think i should get it linsey: no! becka you shouldn’t get it you apple retart.

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