i’d stroke any day of the year
mike: did u think that chick was fine???

chris: isadoty

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  • i don't want to miss a thing

    one of the sweetest love songs ever written. almost everyone understands how it feels to “stay awake just to hear their sigificant otherbreathing…” jamie-“what song did you dance to at your wedding?” roxanne- “i don’t want to miss a thing” jamie- “aww how sweet!”

  • ifgu

    i freakin give up i thought whole grains were good. now i hear that wheat is bad. ifgu.

  • 8 bit dimples

    when a fat b-tch is so well-fed that her thighs have a vast amount of dimples resulting in an 8-bit appearance. guy 1: good lord! have you seen sally in those short shorts? guy 2: unfortunately i have. i lost my eyesight after i saw her ungodly 8 bit dimples.

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    8 bit-head is when you are playing a retro video game while getting head from a hot blonde. it is similar to road head, just without the road. john was playing zelda while getting head from gina. it was the best 8 bit-head ever. gina come give me 8 bit-head! nintendo b—h run punch jump […]

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    one who is very attractive and willing to get naked dude, that ashley is such a lankshard! she showed me her t-ts last night!

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