yee he be strokin dat n-gg-rs c-ck yaknow wut im sayin

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  • breaija

    bre’aija’s are usually very nice and funny to hang around, but they also love to fight , if you need backup make sure to call a bre’aija ,they hate mess and pettiness. but if you want to love somebody make sure it’s bre’aija , they usually have curves and some -ss in the back boy: […]

  • sam love

    a rich girl who hits a lot and love to scream like a banchee you are acting like a total sam love right now babe, stop hitting me!

  • bird hours

    when a guy only hits you up to “hangout” between the hours of 11pm-3am, usually only for s-x. “i will only hangout with that sl-t jessica during bird hours because i don’t want to be seen with her.”

  • orgy tan

    when your skin gets red during an orgy from so much slapping, mainly -ss slapping. man, i my -ss hurts from an orgy tan i got from last weekend.

  • b*tchkite

    a situation where the kite someone is trying to fly suddenly flips and hits another individual on the head vico’s kite suddenly turned around and b-tchkited zee.

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