“i’m so dead”,
her:omg he ugly

information system development.
a course of hkive.
h-llo, david chan.
hi, peter so.
which course are you studying in?
what’s that?
information system development
oh! there is a mental patient in isd
you too.
no! i am not mental patient!
you are!
shut up!
the seventh level of h-ll.
bill: i hear you are being -ssigned to isd.
adam: yeah, i getting f-cked, but i don’t understand what i did wrong.
i’m so done
“5 exams in one day? isd”
abbreviation for interracial swan d-cks. an exclusive group of teens mainly communicating over instagram direct message. most pictures shared are (a) s-xual, (b) disturbing, or (c) “fetus” pictures of group members. you know their sweg not their stori.
the isds are mad sweg.
known as ivan stink day. this day is to commemorate on the legendary smelly ivan. his body odour stench is so overpowering that one could never desire to smell. skunks are no match for him.
“hey today’s isd, people are storming the mart crazy for deodorants they’re on like 90% discount!”

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