Islington, MA

a snooty section of westwood, ma filled with spoiled little brats who run around dressed in their abercrombie & fitch clothes, wearing their $100 sungl-sses, while driving the car that daddy bought for them.

your typical kid from islington is so stuck up, they think they’re the cream of westwood, itself a town filled with spoiled little brats.

an islington girl is usually good for one blow-job, but you’ll have to buy her expensive trinkets along newbury street first.
i know that she’s a spoiled little c-nt from islington, ma, but she swallows.
the best section of westwood, ma. a section of westwood, ma that is tucked away but so close to everything. islington has one of the most prestigious elementary schools, downy, fantastic access to the rt 1 and 128. the average resident is upper-cl-ss, mostly white and upwardly mobile. real estate tends to hold its value very well.
i wish we could afford to live in islington, ma. westwood ma is nice, but islington is so much better.

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