i still love you
i just want you to know that islu !!

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  • poongi bajana

    hindi or marathi word (origins – india): literal: snake-charmers musical instrument. the one he blows to make the snake sway. slang: make someone feel small – -ssumes the other person was showing off. jyaada udega tho tera poongi bajana padega. if you fly too high (show off) i will blow your poongi. no, it does […]

  • shwindle

    verb: to do somebody up the b-tt/to b-tt rape i shwindled a drunk chick last night. my gay lover shwindled me. shwindle means to cut infront of someone at the last second or to steal a place, spot, or thing. dude, shwindle those cars so we can get ahead. yo you shwindled that broad from […]

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    1. interjection, usu. preceeded by “oh” and or “buh.” 2. imperative, “calm down.” etymology: “sibbuh” evolved from the popular usage of “simma,” from “simma down now!”, popularized by the sketch of the same name on sat-rday night live. ex. 1: james: i think we missed the movie. josie: oh sibbuh. that was the last showing! […]

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    a word used while playing wrestling video games that indicates pure power. usually said while body slamming or doing a grappling attack. (your’e owning your friend with a tomb stone pile driver then you say “sic a sa boom boom”

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