i=in s=search o=of
iso: b-ttsecks free, obo
1) acronym for international standards organization.
2) file extension for iso-9660 file system for transferring data to a cd.
3) common term for any number of cd image formats, including .iso (see definiton 2).
“that business is iso-9000 compliant.”
“looking for all latest releases. isos only.”
film speed. (international standards organization)
all-purpose film is 400 iso.
an acronym for the notable alternative rock band in search of sasquatch. formed in 2010, in the one and only calgary, alberta. consists of four young lads and is soon to be the most commercially successful act in the history of music.
person a: “did you see isos perform today?”
person b: “no, i missed it. how was isos?”
person a: “pretty good if you know what i mean”
person b: “i’m kidding, i did see isos perform”
a compet-tion of one-on-one in any type of situation, sports, fights, tacklezone, etc.
justin: paul, i own you in basketball!
paul: ok, justin, iso right now, i will nut on you.
1) in “tron: legacy”, iso is an acronym for “isomorphic algorithm”, a life form that spontaneously emerged, without planning, from the conditions that existed in the grid at that time.

2) a term for a really really hot chick. this is adapted from the 2010 film “tron: legacy” because quorra, the last iso played by olivia wilde, is so unbelievably hot.
guy 1: “d-mn, that chick over there is so hot i would let her eat crackers in bed.”

guy2: “yeah, she’s such an iso.”
an abbreviation for specific asian/english phrasiology, meaning: “i am so…”
often used, as in, “oh, iso horney!”

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