Israel Defense forces

the military of the country of israel. they consist of the ground forces, airforce, and navy. the idf is also known as one of the most modern and elite military forces in the middle east/ mediterranean area. the idf is unique in that it has a large amount of female service people and it has a very close relationship between the ground forces, airforce, and navy. the technologies used by the idf are mainly american, but they do use many native weapons, like the uzi, tavor -ssault rifle, galil -ssault rifle, negev light machine gun, and jericho pistol. the airforce uses both american f16s and f4s, as well as european fighters. the airforce also use the american blackhawk and huey helicopters as well as the apache longbow attack chopper.

ground forces use many american technologies as well, such as the humvee, m4 carbine, barret m82 .50 cal, and other small arms. however, the idf has made use of different israeli-made armored vehicles and the merkava tank, internationally recognized as one of the most formidable and modern tanks on earth.

israel has been a close ally of the us for years, due to their constant economic trade and america’s military supply of the idf. the idf’s current enemies of greatest threat are the terrorist group hezbollah, the paramilitary group of gaza called hamas, and many believe iran as well due to their military aid of these terrorist factions.
the israel defense forces are relatively small, but they are d-mn dangerous.

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