Issaquah High School

is home of the issaquah eagles and has grades 9-12 p-ss through it. ihs had it’s 100th birthday in 2005 and it is locate in historic issauah, washington 17 miles east of seattle. ihs also has the best varsity athletics (2005 sports ill-strated) and always has phenomenal students. in the 2008-09 school year ihs will move from 3a to a larger 4a thanks to it’s huge student population.

the current princ-p-l is the amazing paula phelps who will help lead the organiled chaos as ihs will soon be under going a huge re-model/ re-build starting the summer of 2008, hopefully making way for the bigger and more ennergy efficient building which will still allow students to enjoy the wonderful scenery and enjoy the back drop of tiger mountain.


our walls might fall, but let our pride stand tall

pride and tradition

and who could forget… -indians forever-
issaquah high school is in my mind the best school in the issaquah school district.

kim: hey where is the girl’s soccer game tonight?

mark: it is at ihs… i can wait until kate makes fool’s of skyline’s team as she leads the girls to state for the fourth straight year.

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