i speak the truth.

sometimes written as, ‘isttn’ (i speak the truth, n-gg-r!)
guy one: ashlyn has a nice -ss.

guy two: that’s my girlfriend, b-tch.

guy one: calm down man! istt.

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  • serial w*nker

    someone that w-nks way too often, the type that prefers the company of his/her hand over that of a man/woman. the serial w-nker can relief himself several times in one day and often does. terry is a serial w-nker, he sits at his computer all day w-nking and playing wow

  • italian boiler

    when you dip a restrained mans scr-t-m into a bucket of boiling water. no wonder he can’t have kids, he was given an italian boiler by don vito back in the day.

  • italian inducement

    performing oral s-x on a -very- pregnant woman. my wife and i couldn’t have s-x the old fashioned way, so i gave her a little “italian inducement” before heading to the maternity hospital.

  • italker

    someone that only talks to you on the internet via msn, facebook, etc., but when person to person, suddenly has nothing to say. jami is such an italker, i talked to her till four in the morning last night but in cl-ss today she didn’t say sh-t!

  • itechie

    someone who thinks they are technically savvy, but their knowledge only extends to apple products so they are not worthy of a full designation as a “techie”. synonym: idiot that dude is such an itechie, he doesn’t even know what an android phone is or how to use an ubuntu netbook.

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