it ain’t no thing

a term that indicates that something is not a big deal.
hey, that was nice of you to lend me your spatula.

it ain’t no thing.

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  • fat mans sandwich

    it’s a sandwich made of a candy bar between two ”rice crispies” squares f-ck it! i got the munchies so bad that i’m making a ”fat mans sandwich”

  • fin walker

    a t-rd that’s so long it sticks out higher than the toilet water level. reference: a porpoise at sea world doing a backward fin walk in the show. i had not sh-t in a week and finally produced a “fin walker” that took 4 flushes to go down.

  • duranting

    leaving an already prosperous situation in order to bolt for a better one, much to the chagrin and hurt of the party that was abandoned. made infamous by kevin durant. george left his hot wife to marry a supermodel. he was duranting.

  • mexie

    mexie, a kind heart-ed individual. beautiful, smart, worry-some, caring, etc. mexie is a person who’s friends with everyone. no matter what you’ve done to them, mexie will bounce back in a mater of seconds. when you need her, she’s there. ”who is that? oh man, that’s mexie!”

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