it happens

a phrase said after u do something stupid or something happens to you. usually used by one of your friends made popular by tom marchin
garrett stepped in a big pile of dog sh-t and said f-ck, so tom said “it happens”
it’s a more socially acceptable version of “sh-t happens”.
it can be used to:
1)express condolences for someone’s situation without offering any apologetic words.
2)respond to a future problems that shows a sense of sadness/aggression towards it, but in a way without trying to complain
3)to shrug off a one’s own, or someone else’s, minor annoyance
4)subst-tute for an actual response, while still continuing the conversation
1)”my girlfriend just broke up with me”
it happens.
2)”i’m not looking forward to this physics test tomorrow”
it happens.
3)”i think the cafeteria is out of milk. (ehh, it happens)”
it happens.
4)”sounds like you’ve had a long day”
yeah, it happens.

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