a person born in a country that is not italy but thinks they are italian because of some old italian great-grandfather or something.
they worship pizza, but forget to put salt in their barilla pasta, love to watch soccer but only know a couple of famous italian players; they also go around saying random italian words with a weird pr-nunciation on a daily basis like “ciao bella”, “grazie” e other things they heard on jersey sh-r- or buddy valastro’s cake boss. the only car brand that truly matter are ferrari, lamborghini e maserati.
might even sing lyrics or opera thinking they are so cultured.
for an italiaboo breadsticks are not the same thing as grissini.
“god, my art teacher is such a italiaboo.”
“really? does he drive a fiat 500 perhaps?”
“no, but he always comes to cl-ss with his italian bread and always wears one of his favorites shirts that says straight outta rome.”
“has he ever even been to italy?”
“not once, but says he dreams of going one day.”

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